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Pavana Becomes an Educated Businesswoman

Pavana lives in a slum outside of a village. The women there face much discrimination and are told they belong at home doing housework. Most parents discourage their daughters from attending school, as sadly, girls are considered to be a burden and of little value.

Growing up, Pavana had six siblings to be fed and clothed, and the family lived in abject poverty. Her parents worked as daily laborers and were illiterate. Still, they managed to send the boys to school, but in keeping with local beliefs, Pavana and her sisters remained home to take care of washing, cooking, and cleaning the house.

When Pavana grew up and married, her husband worked as a mason, earning enough to provide for the family. They lived a simple life and did their best to care for their son and daughter. Unfortunately, Pavana later discovered her husband was drinking a lot, which started fights and arguments. When she stood up to him, he beat her to remind her of her place.

Pavana explained, “My husband did not understand me. He often battered me and wasted our precious money on useless things. It was very difficult for me to manage the house.”

Pavana’s life began to change after talking with her neighbors about how an education would benefit her children and give them a better life. As she reflected on how miserable she was in the slum, Pavana wanted more for her children and decided to enroll them in school. She always encouraged them to do well in their studies.

Years went by, and Pavana was extremely proud when her children completed high school. Her son now works as an electrician! Pavana knew he would be working in the fields if he had not received an education.

Trying to keep making good decisions, Pavana went to the bank to open a savings account. Since she was illiterate, she had to beg for hours to get someone to help her fill out the forms. Then she had to stamp her thumbprint on the forms since she could not sign her name. The experience was humiliating for Pavana. She felt ashamed as tears rolled down her face. This made her determined to find a way to get an education of her own.

Finally, Pavana met the teacher from a local Adult Literacy Class. She was overwhelmed with joy when she learned she could attend and started class immediately. While somewhat reluctant, Pavana’s husband agreed to let her participate in the Literacy Class. She told him of the many advantages they would enjoy, leading him to say yes.

In just a few months, Pavana started to read, write, and perform basic math. She was cheerful all the time and gave everything she had to her studies. In addition to the education Pavana received, she learned new skills from a beautician who lived near her home. Pavana is now literate and works in a beauty salon, earning money to help support her family.

Pavana also heard the Gospel in the Literacy Class and has begun praying to Jesus about her problems. She is seeing positive changes! For example, her husband has stopped drinking and he supports her desire to continue learning. Pavana has not yet received Jesus as her personal Savior, but she loves to learn about Him. She fears what her husband and her community might think if she surrenders her life fully to Jesus.

Pavana wants to be a good businesswoman and is saving money from her work in the salon to open her own shop one day. She requests prayers for her children as they further their education. Please also pray for the salvation of Pavana and her family, and that her fears will be alleviated as she considers life walking with Jesus.