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A Mother Gets Her Chance at Education

Adeela grew up in a poor family with seven siblings. Her father was an uneducated agricultural worker who spent all the money he earned on alcohol. He was lost in his own drunken world and his family suffered because of it. Adeela’s life was miserable, and she often starved for food.

Years later, Adeela’s father married her off to a drunkard and she began facing similar problems to what her mother suffered. Her husband beat her in a drunken state, not knowing what he was doing while he was under the influence of alcohol. Yet life kept moving forward, and Adeela eventually became a mother to four children. Not wanting to hold them back, she enrolled all four children in a government school.

Not wanting to rely on her alcoholic husband to provide for their children, Adeela started working as a maid in different homes. She worked to help her children complete school and search for reputable jobs. This brought great relief to her as each of her children grew up and started working.

Adeela was overjoyed to see her children succeed, but she was discontent with herself as she wasn’t educated. She thought she would never be able to read or write in her lifetime, until she met Adult Literacy teacher Mani.

Adeela could not believe it when she heard free education knocking at her door. She immediately grabbed the opportunity and started to learn how to read and write! She worked diligently in her studies and started learning things she had never known. She learned about good health and hygiene and now keeps her house and surroundings clean to keep the doctors at bay.

Mani celebrates the student Adeela has become, sharing, “Adeela is a very active lady and is open to learning new skills.”

In a special training offered through the class, Adeela learned how to make household cleaners. She has a lot of interest in starting a business selling them, as there is a large demand for household cleaners in the local market.

Pray that Adeela can start a successful business and fulfill her dreams. Also, pray that she and her family would find salvation in Christ soon.