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Rida: Impoverished Girl Becomes Worship Leader

Rida’s father died when she was just 10 years old, and she and her siblings were forced to help their mother earn income as daily laborers. Rida worked hard from a very young age, and although she was very interested in studying and learning, she could only attend school through the third grade before dropping out.

It was the custom of Rida’s culture for girls to marry quite young, and so, Rida’s mother had planned to get Rida married off as soon as possible. However, Rida wanted to build a better future for her younger siblings and decided to care for them instead of leaving and getting married.

In a way only God could orchestrate, a new Adult Literacy Class was started in a home where Rida just happened to work as a maid. The Literacy Class teacher met Rida and invited her to join the class. Rida was so excited that she joined immediately. She had forgotten everything she’d learned in school, even how to write her name. Rida was so pleased to have this new opportunity that she quickly learned to read and write.

Within a few months, Rida had learned many things. She also began reading God’s Word and praying. As she learned about Jesus, she was compelled to praise Him by leading worship at her local church on Sundays! Rida believes this is all possible through the power of prayer—she knows that prayer changed her life for the better. She praises God that she went from being a dropout student to a worship leader!

“Jesus can do miracles and changes lives for good!”

Rida readily shares her faith in her village and proclaims, “Jesus can do miracles and changes lives for good!” She quotes God’s promises from the Bible and encourages others to believe in Jesus and pray to God. Rida believes Jesus makes all things possible in her life and that God answers prayers.

Today, Rida’s family is learning about Jesus, but they have not fully given their lives to Him. Will you pray that the entire family will experience the saving grace of Jesus?