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Hani’s Testimony: Meet a Bible Club Leader!

When Hani shares the Gospel with unreached children in India through the Bible Club he leads, he understands where they’re coming from in a personal way. After years of worshipping idols, he was introduced to the love of Christ, and it changed his life! Be encouraged by Hani’s testimony, shared in his own words.

My name is Hani and I was born in an idol-worshipping family. Since childhood I have been taught to go to the temple which I used to do wholeheartedly.

There was lot of problems in my life and there was not any meaning of my life. I was also doing all kind of intoxication, and my friends were a really bad group.

But at one point of time, I met a person who was a believer. She used to help me a lot to overcome my situation. Slowly and gradually my faith started to build up in Jesus Christ. I was being blessed always because my friend always guided me to do things which were to done as written in the Bible.

I am very happy and blessed to have my friend in my life because she has changed my life. From miserable life, my life has turned into a blessed life. I also thank God to choose me so that I can praise His name and share the Word of God to others. I am very grateful that I could share my testimony with you.

Praise God for reaching Hani through a friend! Join us in praying that this Year-Long Children’s Bible Club leader will inspire many boys and girls to follow Jesus.