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Naziha Overcomes Shyness to Learn

Naziha is married with two grown children, and her family and community practice animism. Most locals work as farmers, harvesting vegetables from a nearby jungle. While they generally have enough food to eat, the majority of villagers are illiterate and have no reliable income.

Habiba, the teacher at a local Adult Literacy Class, is one of the few educated women in the village. She often encourages the other women and tells them the benefits of learning to read and write. Habiba invited Naziha to join the Literacy Class, but Naziha was quite shy and didn’t like to talk much, so she initially declined.

During a COVID-19 lockdown, life became even more difficult for the villagers. They were afraid to venture out, and the Literacy Class had to stop meeting for a period of time. It was then that Habiba reconnected with Naziha, who decided to join the Literacy Class when it resumed.

Once it was safe to start up again, Naziha attended the Literacy Class and but kept to herself. However, it wasn’t long before she started talking with the other students and making friends. She could never have imagined that learning would make her so happy! Naziha discovered that practicing the alphabet, learning numbers, and doing simple math were very satisfying and helpful in her daily life.

Naziha also learned about health, good hygiene, and how to stay physically fit through a special training. As a farmer, Naziha was excited to learn how to grow healthy, organic vegetables.

Naziha’s children were delighted to see the changes in their mother, and her husband was happy to see his wife so energetic. Her new attitude and skills inspired Naziha’s husband to also join the Literacy Class!

While so many positive changes have come for Naziha and her family through the Adult Literacy Class, they continue to worship the spirits of their forefathers. Naziha listens to the Gospel in the Literacy Class and joins in the prayers, but she has not given her life to Jesus. Please pray that Naziha and her family will receive Jesus and His gift of eternal life.