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Nura Sees Blessings in All Areas of Her Life

Nura’s community is known for shoemaking; however, her father worked as a mason and her mother managed the home. Nura never had the opportunity to go to school as her parents didn’t believe it was important.

Nura longed to go to school instead of working, but she spent her days employed as a cook and helping her father on construction sites. When she reached adolescence, Nura’s parents arranged for her to marry Sarnin, who was also a mason. Nura was a very young bride and quickly became the mother of two children.

The couple worked hard to provide for their family and often had to choose who would eat based on their workload the following day. The other villagers looked down on Nura and Sarnin as they were from a lower caste, which greatly limited any opportunities to improve their lives.

One day the teacher from an Adult Literacy Class met Nura and told her about an opportunity to get an education because of your support. He shared what Nura would learn could give her a brighter future. Nura quickly told Sarnin and the two agreed that she would join the class.

Within six months, Nura was a new person! In addition to reading, writing, and math, she gained so much knowledge on things she never expected to, like health and hygiene that kept her family free of doctor visits and expenses. Nura also discovered ways she could enhance their income and better manage the family’s finances.

Nura began saving money, through the lessons she learned, and was able to purchase a sewing machine. She was taught the skills of tailoring and sewed clothes for others! Today she is training others who also want to become tailors and is earning a much better income than she did on construction sites.

Nura’s neighbors are happy to support her growing business and are bringing clothes to her for alterations. Nura has been so successful that she was able to purchase a piece of land where her husband is building them a house.

Nura was taught how to provide nutritious food for her children and is so grateful for the many ways the Adult Literacy Class has improved their lives. Sarnin, too, is very happy to see his life changing for the better. Seeing the importance of an education, Nura spoke with Sarnin about educating their children and he agreed. Best of all, after hearing the Gospel and stories about Jesus in the Literacy Class, Nura was touched and decided to give her life to Christ. Today, Nura is a happy woman, filled with gratitude to Jesus for bringing about so many blessings in her life. She opens her home for prayer, sings songs, and reads the Bible. Nura also attends a local church and Sarnin has given up drinking and smoking. She is glad her children are getting an education, too, and hopes they will become teachers one day. Pray that Nura will be the source of great blessing to others as she works to lead her community to Christ.