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Nagakanti: Gains Academic and Interpersonal Skills

Nagakanti grew up following the religious practices of her culture. Her parents were illiterate and never realized the value of an education.  So, they never gave Nagakanti the opportunity to go to school, either.

In her teens, Nagakanti married, and she gave birth to a son and daughter. She and her husband were both hard-working farmers, which paid them just enough to keep their family from starvation. They were very poor.

At one point, Nagakanti’s husband fell ill with kidney failure. The doctors said he was no longer able to work.  Not only was it impossible for Nagakanti to pay for her husband’s medical treatments, but her income only provided food for the family to eat three days a week.

At this low point in their lives, Nagakanti heard about an Adult Literacy Class in her village. She enrolled immediately as she had never been to school but hoped it would lead to a better life. She was happy studying and enjoyed learning in class.

Even though Nagakanti was excited about new opportunities, she worried about her husband’s health. She tried her best to care for him and their family while continuing to learn to read and write and perform simple math.

In class, Nagakanti was also taught about the importance of having good morals and values and being a good neighbor. This changed her behavior toward others, as she used to speak quite harshly with her neighbors. She became more polite and kind in her interactions. While Nagakanti heard many stories of Jesus in the Literacy Class and says she believes in Him, Nagakanti has not yet come into a saving relationship with Jesus.  Please pray that Nagakanti will receive Jesus as her Savior soon and that she will share the Gospel with her family, too.