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A Grandmother’s Dream Fulfilled

Shehla’s dream of having an education was squashed after getting married at a young age and taking on household responsibilities. Despite her desire to learn, she found joy in cultivating crops and helped her husband farm a small piece of land until she later had children, and her responsibility changed to caring for them.

However, her passion for cultivation never faded, and she used the empty land near her house as a garden, using her kitchen waste as fertilizer. Not only did she provide fresh food for her family, but she also saved money on groceries.

As her children grew up, they got married and had children of their own. Shehla and her family all stayed busy cultivating various kinds of seasonal foods. However, as Shehla’s grandchildren began attending school, the enjoyment she found in farming wasn’t enough. She became discouraged because she was unable to help her grandchildren with their studies.

Fortunately, her neighbor was the teacher for the local Adult Literacy Class, and she invited Shehla and the other women in the village to join. Shehla enrolled in the Literacy Class, which surprised her family. At first, they tried to discourage her, but when they saw her excitement and commitment, they stopped objecting and started encouraging her to study hard.

Not only did she learn to read and write, but Shehla also had the opportunity to attend a special training on health education, where she learned about hygiene, avoiding pollution, and the importance of maintaining a clean home.

Shehla expressed her immense gratitude to the Adult Literacy teacher for the opportunity that changed her whole world. Her new ability to read and write has boosted her confidence and fulfilled her desire to help her grandchildren with their studies.

Although she had the opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus in the Literacy Class, she continues to follow the gods of her culture. Pray that Shehla would soften her heart to the Gospel and come to the saving knowledge of Christ soon.