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Fullan: Her Signature Changes Her Life!

Fullan learned to farm when she was just a young child and has been working in the fields ever since. She and her husband, Hirak, worked hard to provide for their three children, and taught them their ancestors’ polytheistic beliefs and rituals. Now, all are married and live with their own families.

Fullan’s and Hirak’s carefree life consisted of worshipping idols, chewing tobacco, drinking alcohol, and using crude language. When they needed money, they preferred borrowing from local lenders rather than setting money aside for emergencies.

Like so many, the pandemic turned Fullan’s and Hirak’s lives upside down!  In addition to being unable to work, untimely rains and the lack of labor to tend to the harvest damaged the community and created tremendous stress for the couple.

The many hardships Fullan and Hirak faced led to some heart-related complications for Hirak. Before they could decide on a course of treatment, Hirak suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away.

Newly widowed, Fullan struggled to survive. She felt enormous financial and emotional pressure and was very lonely and isolated. Fullan tried to forget her troubles through alcohol and other toxic substances, over time, this behavior took a toll on her health, and she began to suffer.

Fullan became very weak, and when she consulted with doctors, she was advised that she needed a hysterectomy. Fullan had no money for the procedure, and because of her poor credit, no one was willing to lend her what she needed.

Fullan then went to the bank as someone told her she might get a loan there. To her surprise, she was denied the money because she could not sign her name. The bank official challenged Fullan first to learn how to sign her name and then return to discuss the loan.

Fullan felt humiliated by the experience and developed a deep desire to learn how to read and write so she could finally sign her name. You see, Fullan had only attended school through the third grade, but it was such a long time ago that she hardly remembered anything.

When Fullan learned about the Adult Literacy Class nearby, she jumped at the chance to attend. While attending the Literacy Class, Fullan also had the opportunity to learn more about health and ways she could improve her quality of life. She gathered the courage to talk to the other students about her hysterectomy and her fear about the procedure. The class assured her that surgery and a proper diet would help her feel better.

Fullan was encouraged by the support of the Literacy Class and decided to stop chewing tobacco and drinking alcohol. Now she eats fresh vegetables that she grows on her own farm. In addition to learning ways she could improve her health, Fullan was taught how to improve her financial situation. Being rejected for the loan showed Fullan the importance of saving money which now helps her avoid heartache in the future.

With her new skill of signing her name, Fullan returned to apply for the loan and was approved! She used the money for her surgery, which was a success. While Fullan was recovering, the teacher from the Adult Literacy Class came to visit and prayed for Fullan’s complete healing and well-being. Moved by the teacher’s kindness and prayers, Fullan started opening her heart to Jesus.

Fullan began attending church regularly, and after hearing God’s Word, she discovered God’s plan for the salvation of all mankind. Fullan repented of her sins and received Jesus as her Savior. Since then, she is often the first to show up at prayer meetings!

Today, Fullan can read, write, and perform simple math. She is growing spiritually and prays for God’s blessing over her fields. Please pray that Fullan will have opportunity to share her faith with her children and that God will use her as a mighty witness for His glory.