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Mariya Finds Meaning and Purpose in Jesus

Mariya grew up in a poor family that worshipped the gods of their culture. She never had the opportunity to go to school because of their cultural beliefs. This also restricted Mariya’s employment opportunities as she was forced to find jobs that didn’t require the ability to read or write.

Due to her illiteracy, Mariya also struggled to manage her family’s finances and never understood any “official” documents she was presented with. Instead, she depended on others to help when she had to read or write something, making her feel insecure. Mariya was never taught the importance of personal hygiene and how cleanliness could impact her health. All these issues affected her ability to communicate well, which limited her interactions with people she didn’t know.

Mariya believed her lack of education affected her intelligence and her future potential. She took her family responsibilities seriously as she had a husband and two children and wanted to be the best wife and mother she could for them. They were her top priority!

When Mariya heard about an Adult Literacy Class being held in the evenings near her home, she jumped at the chance to join. She was a regular in the class and within one year, she learned to read, write, and perform simple arithmetic.

In the Literacy Class, Mariya gained many new skills that she now uses every day, such as reading bus schedules, product names in the store, and much more. She also attended a special training on health and hygiene, where she learned how to prevent illness and enhance her overall well-being through diet.

Another special training, available through the Literacy Class, helped Mariya manage their finances and make income-generating household products she could sell. She made items like candles, pickles, shampoo, jams, cleaners, room fresheners, etc. Mariya started her own business and was soon profitable – helping to contribute to the family’s income.

All of this gave Mariya a huge boost in her self-confidence and she had a great sense of satisfaction as she finally felt empowered instead of held back. 

While religion and spirituality always played an important role in Mariya’s life, she never really found peace or comfort in her rituals. However, things changed when she heard the Gospel! Learning about Jesus gave her purpose for her life and meaning for her existence. She began trusting Jesus and gave up her idol worship.

Mariya now attends a local church and is genuinely seeking Jesus.  Please pray that the Word of God will continue to convict her of her sins and transform her life.  Pray that Mariya makes a decision for Christ and fully receives Him as her Savior.