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This Motivated Businesswoman is Unstoppable!

Inseya lives with her husband Haris and their two teenaged children in a remote and isolated village. Together, Haris and Inseya run a small tea stall outside their home, where they serve tea and sell some basic grocery items. When they can, they also work as daily wage laborers.

Working at the tea stall was enjoyable, and Inseya felt pride in owning a business. As a gesture of hospitality, Haris and Inseya allowed neighbors to drink tea from their stall and pay later, when they had the money. However, because neither of them could read or write, they had no way to track those who drank tea on credit. This often led to disputes and problems, but they didn’t know any other way to do business.

Inseya always knew that illiteracy was holding her family back from a better life, but she continued doing the best she could with what she had. At least, she thought, they made enough money that her kids were able to attend school, and they would not have to drop out in order to help the family, as many children in India do. Still, Haris and Inseya both mourned the fact that they couldn’t help their children when they struggled with their homework.

Everything changed when Inseya met Sonarika and learned about the Adult Literacy Class she was starting in their village. Inseya was overjoyed to think that she could learn to read and write! She signed up immediately and faithfully attended every class, working hard to learn her letters and numbers.

From the very beginning, Inseya was motivated and had specific goals in mind. After letters and numbers, she began learning simple addition and how to spell names. She even enlisted the help of her daughter at home so that she could learn faster. As soon as Inseya mastered a skill, she put it into practice at the tea stall. When she bought a notebook and began keeping a record of credit transactions, her neighbors noticed and were impressed at how much she had learned! The business began running much more smoothly, and the benefits to Inseya’s family didn’t stop there.

Through the Adult Literacy Class, Inseya was able to attend a special health education training. She learned that using proper hygiene for handwashing and food preparation could help stop the spread of sickness. She also learned that fueling her body with good foods, getting plenty of rest, and drinking clean water all helped to prevent illness. When the pandemic hit, this knowledge was invaluable to Inseya. She felt confident and equipped to help her family stay safe against the threat of COVID-19.

Inseya always had the motivation to change her life, but she lacked the tools to do anything about it. Now, Inseya is incredibly grateful for the Adult Literacy Class that equipped her to make a better life for her family. She is curious about Jesus, whom Sonarika often talks about like a close friend. Inseya became interested enough that she asked for a Bible, which Sonarika gave her. She reads it to improve her literacy skills and learn more about Jesus. Pray that Inseya will encounter God through His Word and receive salvation!