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Nazila’s Innovation Feeds Her Family

Nazila had a pretty standard life for a married woman in India. She spent her days keeping up the house, caring for her three children, and looking after her husband and mother-in-law.

But because Nazila wasn’t educated as a child and didn’t have access to modern society, she didn’t know the basics of how to keep her family healthy. She didn’t know about the importance of nutrition, good hygiene, or keeping her home clean from germs. So, Nazila’s children were malnourished and were constantly sick.

Times were changing, and Nazila knew that her illiteracy would be a hindrance to the family. But at the age of 42, she thought there were no opportunities available for her.

That changed when an Adult Literacy Class began just down the street from her house. Nazila was so excited that she immediately enrolled and began attending classes! She worked hard to attend every class without compromising her responsibilities at home. In no time, Nazila’s dedication paid off!

Nazila now reads at a fifth-grade level and has the confidence she needs to thrive in a changing world. In a health training offered through the Literacy Class, Nazila learned about good hygiene habits and healthy nutrition. She learned how to plant a garden at home to grow fresh produce for her family. Nazila recognized that she didn’t have the means to irrigate the garden as needed, so she moved it next to her kitchen. Using wastewater from the kitchen, Nazila’s garden now yields an abundant harvest! Her family is now healthy and well-fed.

She also learned about the love of Jesus in the Literacy Class and experienced it firsthand from the teacher, but Nazila does not want to give up her idols. Will you pray for Nazila’s salvation with us?