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A New Life for Widowed Charithya

Life met Charithya with challenge after challenge. Born into an impoverished family, Charithya was denied education, often starved for food, and lacked awareness of proper hygiene.

Following cultural norms, Charithya became a victim of child marriage and gender discrimination. Her parents saw no need to send her to school because of her gender and married her off at a young age to alleviate some financial stress. Once married, Charithya gave birth to four children. Whenever she and her husband were faced with challenges, they worshipped their idols in search of solutions.

Unfortunately, seeking solace in their idols proved useless when Charithya’s husband became sick and passed away because he lacked medical treatment.

Charithya found herself alone as she navigated becoming a widow and the new responsibility of caring for her family financially. Relatives and friends seemed to care more about worshipping their deities than helping Charithya – even to the point of forbidding her from attending social gatherings as she was seen as bad luck.

But then you sent an Adult Literacy Class to her village, and when Charithya heard about it, she enrolled herself, knowing it was her only hope of success.

While caring for her four children and tirelessly working to provide financially, Charithya was dedicated to learning. Over time, she was able to see the results of her efforts, and she was able to read and write.

She even seized the opportunity to attend special trainings offered through the Literacy Class, where she learned about the importance of good hygiene, eating well-balanced meals, how to save money, and how to start a business. Since attending these trainings, Charithya’s lifestyle has changed completely, and she now maintains an orderly home and good hygiene.

Each day when she attended the Adult Literacy Class, Charithya was met with compassion and care from the teacher and the other students in the class – completely different than what she had experienced with her family and friends. It was a breath of fresh air and demonstrated the love of Christ in a way Charithya had never known!

After hearing biblical teachings in the Adult Literacy Class, she was moved to leave behind her superstitious ways. She began attending a local church and discovered more about Jesus. Charithya eventually repented for her sins and received Jesus as her Savior!

Today, she uses her new literacy skills to read Scripture and prays blessings over her four children.

Praise God for Charithya’s new quality of life! Pray that God would use her to bring others in her community to salvation.