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Mahasvin Learns to Value Education and Jesus

Mahasin grew up worshipping many deities and following all the associated rituals. His parents were very poor and uneducated, suffering from poverty even though they worked extremely hard as daily laborers. The family faced many financial hardships and would often go to bed hungry. To make matters worse, Mahasin’s father often wasted their precious earnings getting drunk.

After finishing high school, Mahasvin found a part time job to help support his family. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before he started drinking, too!  Mahasvin and his father drank together with no one holding them accountable.

Mahasvin started thinking that his family’s poverty was the result of their illiteracy. He even felt guilty that he had taken his education for granted and wasted many opportunities to learn more in school. He tried to educate his parents, teaching them simple words and calculations, but it was a struggle as they didn’t fully understand the importance.

It was at that time that Mahasvin heard about an Adult Literacy Class in the village. He encouraged his parents and to join the Literacy Class. This opportunity helped Mahasvin’s parents learn the alphabet and soon they were reading simple words. They were also taught the importance of cleanliness and caring for the environment.

As Mahasvin watched his parents learn, he also wanted to learn new things. He never appreciated his time in school and struggled with his studies, so he began attending the classes, too.  He especially enjoyed participating in special trainings that were offered to help him manage his money, make and sell products, and maintain good health.

In one of the special trainings, the leader focused on the dangers of tobacco and alcohol. Both Mahasvin and his father decided to quit drinking and haven’t had a drop since then!

The leader of the Literacy Class shared his personal stories and the miracles of God he had experienced. Mahasvin was touched by his words and started to think about Jesus. He began reflecting on the sins in his life…bad thoughts and words, lying, stealing, and fighting with others. Mahasvin decided to confess his sins and follow Jesus!

As Mahasvin learned more about Jesus, he began to pray more enthusiastically. He prayed that God would provide a good job for him and his family. Day by day his faith grew stronger, which changed his behavior! Mahasvin was respectful and kind to others and thanked the Literacy Class leader for teaching him good morals and stories from the Bible.

We praise God that Mahasin has received Jesus as his Savior and ask that you pray for him to stand firm in his new faith.