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Kindness Helped Nadra Crush Self-Doubt

There was nothing that Nadra loved more than being a wife and the mother of her three young children. Life was far from easy, though.

Her husband Randeep worked long, physically demanding days in the agricultural fields. Yet they had to pinch pennies every month to keep food in their bellies and a roof over their heads. They were just one emergency away from financial ruin.

When a woman named Kanisa knocked on Nadra’s door and invited her to attend an Adult Literacy Class she was starting nearby, Nadra was intrigued. Inside, Nadra brimmed with excitement. She had always wanted to go to school, but her parents’ cultural stigmas around educating girls had prevented her. But outside, Nadra worried what others would think, and whether she was too old to learn.

Nadra decided to try attending the Literacy Class, but Kanisa could tell she wasn’t all-in. Kanisa encouraged her when she did well and challenged her to keep trying when she struggled. When Nadra made the excuse that she couldn’t attend because she needed to take care of her kids, Kanisa simply told her to bring them along. Soon, Kanisa’s kindness won Nadra over. She let go of her insecurities and focused on learning as much as she could.

Now, Nadra has completed the year-long Adult Literacy Class. She can read, write, and do basic calculations. When she goes to the market, she can pay with confidence and count the change she receives. If her children need to see a doctor, she can fill out the necessary paperwork. There are so many simple, everyday ways that literacy has enriched Nadra’s life! Perhaps the best of all is that Nadra is teaching her kids the value of education, along with the values of courage, determination, and self-confidence.

It is no surprise to Kanisa that Nadra is taking on new challenges. She is determined that her children will be educated when they are old enough, and she even wants Randeep to enroll in an Adult Literacy Class. Will you pray for doors to open to make those hopes a reality?

Your prayers are also requested for Nadra’s spiritual life. Although she has heard the Good News of Jesus’ love thanks to Kanisa and the lessons in the Literacy Class, she has not yet received Christ. Pray for a continual strengthening of Kanisa and Nadra’s friendship, so that through the work of the Holy Spirit and Kanisa’s influence, Nadra may come to know Jesus.