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Supranya Experiences God’s Provision

Supranya lives in the hill country where most of the people are farmers. She grew up in a village where many followed Jesus but her family was atheist. She never attended school and married at a young age. She and her husband had three children and worked as daily farm laborers.

Supranya and her husband worked very hard to feed the family as they did not have land and had to pay to lease their farm. After giving birth to her youngest son, Supranya suffered complications that made her sick for many years. She became so weak that she was unable to work. This made her sad and depressed.

To help the family, Supranya’s daughter dropped out of school and started working on the farm. After a few years of suffering, Supranya’s family was encouraged to take her to a faith-based healing center for prayer. The people there prayed to Jesus to heal Supranya, and God responded! Supranya immediately felt her body being restored. After experiencing this miracle, she received Jesus as her Savior!

Each day, Supranya grew stronger, and soon, she was working with her husband in the fields again. Just when she thought things were back to “normal,” Supranya’s husband died suddenly. With three children to care for, Supranya found herself alone and having to provide for the family. She had no education, no skills, and no land. The depression came back as she was overcome by worry.

As she struggled to get by one day at a time, Supranya learned about a new Adult Literacy Class in her village. She was one of the first to join, and since classes were held in the evening, Supranya could put in a good day’s work before joining the other students. Soon, Supranya met other women with struggles just like her. This comforted her and made her feel more at ease in the class.

Supranya learned much more than she ever expected. In addition to reading, writing, and basic math, Supranya’s eyes were opened to many health issues and how food could help keep her body healthy and strong. She learned the importance of good personal hygiene and how cleanliness could help her avoid illness.

Perhaps the most life-changing for Supranya was learning how to make money outside of laboring in the fields. She was taught how to make pickles, laundry detergent, and various juices. Being able to make a living selling her products made her very happy and also improved her social. Previously, Supranya struggled with self-esteem, which kept her from interacting with others. Now, she attends church regularly and lives life with confidence. Supranya is so grateful for the Literacy Class and the many women she met there. Please pray for Supranya as she lives a life of gratitude and praise to her Almighty God!