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Threatened by Anti-Christian Activists

Semanti’s husband was a violent alcoholic who abandoned her and their two children.

Unable to provide for her children alone, Semanti moved back home with her parents, but her father, the family breadwinner, collapsed at his tailor shop and became paralyzed. Hospitalization was too expensive, so Semanti and her mother had to care for him at home.

During this stressful time, Semanti found a book that had been left at the house by a Mission India Church Planter. It told the story of Jesus, and it gave Semanti a ray of hope in her darkness! She decided to speak with the Church Planter, Ninny, and this prompted her to dedicate her life to Christ.

Now convinced of the love and power of Jesus, Semanti began praying with Ninny for her father’s healing. He was soon completely recovered and able to return to work!

Semanti’s parents were so thankful to Jesus, they followed Him, too.

But Semanti’s brothers were enraged that she had chosen to follow Jesus — and angry that she had led her parents to faith in Christ as well. They reported her to the local anti-Christian activist group.

The activists began questioning Semanti, and then threatened to kill her if she would not return to her old religion.

Despite the real threat of danger, Semanti refuses to forsake her faith.

“I have hope in Jesus Christ,” she says. “Though my husband left me, Jesus will not leave me. I thank God for people like Ninny who helped change my life. I thank God who has given me a new hope.”

Her father agrees: “I was left hopeless, but I was healed through prayers. It is God’s mercy and I thank God.”