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Stand Firm in Opposition

Diler was an uneducated man who married and had two children. He grew up highly involved in worshipping many deities. His life was bound by a bad circle of friends and many evil things. He was addicted to alcohol and smoking, not caring about his wife and children. He didn’t provide for the needs of the family which led to quarrels, turmoil, and no joy in his heart. His life was miserable.

One day, Church Planter Aravi came to Diler’s village and was sharing Christian literature. Aravi explained the Gospel to Diler and prayed for him. This piqued Diler’s interest, and he asked many questions about Jesus – Aravi patiently answered them all.

After a short time, Diler shared all his weaknesses and troublesome home life. Aravi inspired him with the Word of God and encouraged him to pray to Jesus for peace. Following this encounter, Diler experienced a new hope and joy at home!

Diler received Jesus and began growing spiritually. God was working in his life, and his family noticed. After seeing his change in behavior, his family began following Christ too. Diler even started a new job – now responsibly providing for his family.

When they started going to church, some of their relatives and neighbors harassed them. Simply because they began following Jesus, their relatives no longer accepted them.

Diler and his family had to face many obstacles, but nonetheless, they stood firm in their faith. God helped them to experience His love, so they didn’t turn back to their old ways. Diler believes that God will do everything for their good. His family now lives peacefully as they follow Jesus.

Praise God for the salvation of Diler and his family. Pray that they continue to stand firm in Jesus and be faithful witnesses of the Gospel.