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Syon Leaves Idol Worship for Jesus

Syon always seemed to be the kid in trouble in his family. He had no respect for his parents or siblings and constantly sought after worldly pleasures with his friends. Although he grew up in a family that followed Jesus, Syon decided to go his own way, even into adulthood.

Syon and his father moved away from their hometown to find jobs with better incomes. Just when things were improving for them, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and both lost their jobs in the lockdown. So, they returned home disappointed and empty-handed.

Syon was glad to be home with his friends, but inside, there was an emptiness, leaving him unhappy. Soon, he fell in love with a woman who worshipped the gods of their culture, and after they married, Syon began worshipping idols with her.

Seeing the idol worship, Syon’s parents were very worried about their son leaving the faith he grew up with. Syon’s parents became so distraught that they told Syon he and his wife would have to leave their home if they continued to worship idols. They explained that Jesus would not be honored by idol worship and that it would be wrong to allow it in their house.

Highly disturbed and confused, Syon started drinking to escape the tensions in their home. Even though he didn’t agree with his parents’ demands, he knew what they were telling him was for his own good.

Syon started feeling hopeless and depressed, not ready to listen to anyone. This was when Church Planter Dhar met Syon and reminded him of Jesus’ love. As Syon experienced God’s love, he could not stop his emotions and confessed his disobedience. Dhar put his hands on Syon’s shoulders and gently told him that he was feeling the weight of his sins.

Syon immediately understood his mistakes and went home and repented for what he had done. He began praying to Jesus and committed his life to serving only Jesus once and for all. Syon left his worldly ways and addictions and started worshipping with his family. We praise God for bringing Syon back to him!  Please pray that Syon’s wife will also come to know Jesus as the one true God.