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A Birthday Interrupted by Opposition

In Rajasthan, India, lives Raxit, a man who mentors Children’s Bible Club leaders. Raxit’s home isn’t just where he lives—it also serves as the church he leads. In the past, a few villagers have protested the Sunday church services he’s held, but recently this opposition escalated.

In August, Raxit and many other believers were at his home celebrating his two-year-old son’s birthday. That evening, members of an anti-Christian activist group gathered outside of Raxit’s house. They began using loud and aggressive behavior filled with inappropriate language. Some even prepared to throw stones and wield sticks, but quickly halted their behavior after noticing a security camera.

Unfortunately, local leaders appeared to favor the anti-Christian activist group, and a legal case was filed against Raxit. Now it seems as though the whole village agrees with the anti-Christian extremists.

Following the attack on Raxit’s home, a warning was issued, threatening dire consequences if the church continued weekly church services.

Would you pray that Raxit and his family would be bold and courageous amidst the opposition from the local leaders, anti-Christian extremists, and the other villagers? Also, pray that the local believers would stand firm in their faith as they also feel the effects of the community opposition.