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One Year Later: Persecution Update from Manipur, India

In May 2023, violent unrest broke out in Manipur, India. What started as tribal conflict quickly turned into targeted persecution against Christians, leaving tens of thousands of people with no option but to flee from their homes. Thousands of families lost everything they owned as their houses were burnt to the ground.

But when we called on friends like you, you stepped in — equipping our partners in Manipur to distribute Relief Kits to affected families! Larshan was one of the many people reached through your support.

Starting on May 3, 2023, several days’ worth of attacks overwhelmed Larsham’s community. The entire village sought refuge in the nearby jungle overnight, with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Larshan, his wife, and their two children became homeless and relocated to a relief camp.

As the devastation continued, Larshan was concerned for his children’s well-being and education.

But God heard his prayers! Larshan and his family received a Relief Kit, covering immediate needs like bedding, toiletries, and rice because of generous friends like you!

While we celebrate that urgent needs are being met, we grieve that the violence in Manipur continues. Over 180 people have been killed — with no end in sight to this violent persecution.

Recently, one of our partners in India visited Manipur and shared the following:

“My heart is heavy as I heard some stories directly from the victims. Common people are taking the law into their hands. Even now many are on the roads with illegal weapons, I saw them walking around. I was asked not to go into some villages as many bullet sounds were heard. One person said, in his village, every night there are sounds of bomb blasts.”

Our team in India continues to monitor the situation and meet the physical needs in Manipur through your generous gifts given last year.

Now, what’s needed most is prayer. Will you pray that the violence will end, and that peace will wash over the entire state of Manipur, India?