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Arjita Changed Through Scripture

Throughout all of history, we see God’s Word changing the hearts and minds of everyone it reaches. And we have the privilege of seeing that play out firsthand through God’s people in India!

We can be challenged by believers in India like Church Planter Nagia in the way that we share Scripture with others—leading us to become Difference Markers in our communities, just like she was!

Nagia’s ministry takes place in a community where addiction to drugs, gambling, and abuse are the norm for many women. A woman named Arjita knows this well.

For far too long, Arjita relied on her husband’s income and had no happiness.

Many people witnessed her suffering, and instead of helping, they mocked her. She longed for a happy and peaceful life, but things only got worse when her husband became ill, and she worried about clearing their debt.

Then, Church Planter Nagia gave Arjita a booklet that shared the Gospel, and it profoundly impacted her. She became curious to know more about the God it mentioned, so she followed up with Nagia. She expressed how reading the booklet relieved years of pain!

This opened the door for Nagia to explain that God cared for Arjita and sacrificed His Son for her. Arjita was astonished by this sacrificial love, and she dove deeper into the Word of God. She found solace and joy in every word that she read.

Over time, she began praying regularly and attending church, which accelerated her spiritual growth. Eventually, she received Jesus as her Savior!

Now, she can’t bear the thought of her husband and son not knowing Jesus, so she shares the Word with them and prays persistently for their salvation.

Wow! Isn’t it amazing to see the ripple effect that’s created when we step out in faith and share God’s Word with others? Not only was Arjita’s life changed by Church Planter Nagia, but now Arjita is actively sharing the Good News with her husband and son.

Are you willing to step out in faith and share the Gospel with someone, even if it might make you uncomfortable or leave you feeling rejected?

Pray |

– Pray that Arjita would continue to boldly proclaim Jesus’ name in her house and lead her family to salvation.

– Pray for more women in Arjita’s community to receive Jesus—eventually leading their whole families to salvation.

Take Action |

– Spend time asking God who you can share the Gospel with this week, and then act on it! Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your conversation and soften that person’s heart, leading them to receive Jesus as their Savior!

Give a gift toward ministry in India so that more people like Arjita can hear God’s Word.