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Hope Comes to a Family Through Education

Overwhelming poverty. Physical limitations. A lack of education. A husband addicted to alcohol. And a religion that led to false belief in silent gods. The odds were stacked against Hanita.

Due to a disability, she couldn’t stand or walk without support — so she had never been able to find work outside the home … and the family desperately needed extra income because Hanita’s husband Mahnav frequently drank up a huge portion of his meager wages.

Then Hanita met Emaan, an Adult Literacy Class teacher, and shared her struggles with him. Emaan encouraged her to join the Literacy Class and study hard.

Hanita learned many things in the Literacy Class, but she was most excited for the special training where she learned how to manage her money wisely and start a business.

This was a revelation for a woman who had never been able to read and had no knowledge of finances before.

Amazingly, even with her disability, she was able to open a small shop in her home, offering food and sundries to her neighborhood. The little business took off — soon her husband was also employed full-time helping to run the shop.

Thrilled with her earnings, Hanita began talking to her friends, motivating them to attend the local Adult Literacy Class and work toward a brighter future! If she, as a person with a disability, could start her own business, she knew other women could succeed, too.

Something else Hanita discovered through Adult Literacy Classes: the love of Jesus. She chose to follow Him! And, moved by the Gospel, she quickly enrolled her daughters in a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club in their community.

Today Hanita is praising God for this transformation in her life and family.

Thank you for helping Hanita go “back to school” through an Adult Literacy Class. It changed her life. To keep being part of her story, please join her in prayer that her husband Mahnav will soon quit drinking and come to salvation, too.