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Miraculously Delivered and Following Jesus

Has anyone ever pushed back on the way you live your life – maybe to the way you’ve parented, or the decisions you’ve made for your family? What about pushback for your faith in Jesus?

All over India, believers are taunted and harassed for their Christian faith – and often by family and friends. This was true for Shifali and her family. But that hasn’t stopped them from faithfully following Jesus.

Before learning about Jesus, Shifali frequently had terrifying dreams. She spent many sleepless nights lying awake, worried that evil spirits would attack her and turn her nightmares into reality. Then, one day her fears came true, and she was suddenly affected by evil spirits.

Shifali began to shout and scream, doing strange things when she was under attack. Feeling incredibly concerned for their daughter, Shifali’s parents took her to witch doctors in hopes that they would cast off what they assumed was a spell. But the witch doctors said they were unable to help because the evil spirits were too powerful.

Then, one day, Shifali’s parents were sitting outside their home feeling highly discouraged and thinking about how to rid Shifali of her problems when Church Planter Suni walked by. She stopped at their house, introduced herself, and asked if she could pray for them.

Full of compassion and trained through your support, Suni shared the Gospel with them and prayed boldly for Shifali after learning of her troubles. The next day, Suni visited with people from her church. They all prayed for Shifali, and God miraculously delivered her from the evil spirits!

Shifali and her entire household surrendered their lives to Jesus and received Him as their Savior!

Despite the fact that Jesus helped them when no one else would, the community erupted in opposition. The other villagers began taunting Shifali and her family for their new faith. Even relatives and friends joined in on the harassment.

Despite the persecution that continues today, Shifali and her family remain strong believers.

Some say the family should not have changed their faith, but Shifali’s family says they have tasted the truth and love Jesus from the bottom of their hearts and will never leave Him. 

Shifali reaffirms this and says, “God is working wonders in my family, and I am very happy about it. Please pray for us.”

If you were faced with relentless opposition to your faith, would you stand firm in your love of Christ?

Ephesians 6:10-18 explains the full armor of God. To be the most effective women we can be, we should strive to put on the full armor of God each morning so that when faced with opposition of any kind, we are able to stand strong in whose we are.

Pray |

  • Pray that believers in India who face persecution would find their hope and joy in Jesus.
  • Pray that God would use persecuted Christians to make the Gospel known in their community.

Take Action |

  • Start your morning by putting on the full armor of God so that you can be the best mom, wife, daughter, or friend that you’re called to be despite what opposition you face.
  • Encourage believers in India by sharing your prayers on our Virtual Prayer Wall here.
  • Join us in a one-week study on persecution starting on Monday, October 30, leading up to the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Through devotionals and prayer guides, this study will give you a first-hand account of a family in India who lost everything for their faith. Sign up for the study here.