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An Exhausted Mom becomes an Entrepreneur

Rajeshree felt trapped in the downward spiral of poverty. She and her husband, Madani, were illiterate members of a low social caste, so they could only get low-paying labor jobs.

To cope with their hopelessness, Rajeshree resorted to tobacco and Madani to alcohol and gambling. Sadly, Madani regularly wasted his entire day’s wages drinking and gambling. Rajeshree resigned herself to being the sole provider for their family. But, angry and exhausted, she expressed herself through complaining and foul language.

She dreamed of changing her family’s future by getting a real job or even starting a business, but it felt impossible.

Everything changed when a neighbor told her there was an Adult Literacy Class starting nearby. Rajeshree met the teacher, named Noorie, and she invited her to join the class. Rajeshree worked diligently to learn how to read, write, and do basic calculations, but that was just the beginning. Through Noorie’s gentle mentorship and the Bible-based literacy lessons, Rajeshree came to faith in Jesus! Through the power of the Holy Spirit, she was healed from her anger and stopped using foul language.

She also attended a special health training through the Literacy Class and learned how damaging alcohol and tobacco are to one’s health. Rajeshree quit chewing tobacco, and Madani quickly noticed and inquired about it. Rajeshree educated him and he, too, quit his addictions! Although breaking their addictions was difficult, the couple quickly saw the positive ripple effect it had on their health and finances.

Rajeshree’s impossible dreams were finally in reach when she attended an entrepreneurship training offered as part of the Literacy Class. She eagerly soaked up every word, learning how to turn raw materials into household goods to be sold. She began making dish soap, laundry detergent, and cooking oil, selling them at a stall in front of her home. The business was quite successful and quickly changed her family’s financial situation!

Rajeshree is immensely grateful for the Literacy Class and praises Jesus for His provision. She asks for prayers that Madani and their children, Nabendu and Modaka, will also come to a saving knowledge of Jesus.