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Prayer Changes Opposition and Addiction

Maghi and Suvan have two daughters and collectively earn money by working for daily wages in a tea garden. Suvan had been responsible most of his life, taking care of his mother after his father passed away when he was young.

But in his adult years, after succumbing to peer pressure, Suvan began drinking alcohol and became addicted to it. He squandered all his money on alcohol and neglected his family’s needs.

Maghi and her mother-in-law tried many times to advise Suvan to take family responsibilities seriously, but he never cared. This left Maghi and her mother-in-law feeling helpless and desperately hoping for Suvan’s transformation.

Hoping to find a solution to the family problems, Maghi sought the intervention of her deities. After pleading with her gods, nothing changed. Suvan kept doing things his own way.

Problems escalated when drinking became the sole purpose of Suvan’s life. He would begin drinking at sunrise and even quit his job, demanding money from Mahi to feed his addiction. This impacted their family finances even more, leaving them struggling for the basic necessities.

Suvan’s children feared him and avoided him when possible. Maghi realized that if he didn’t change his ways, it would destroy the life of each family member.

Maghi was finally at wit’s end, unable to bear the financial hardships and see her children live in fear. Incredibly discouraged, she began to contemplate suicide. Before taking any more steps, Maghi crossed paths with Myra, a Church Planter in her community, who shared the Word of God with her. Maghi decided to try placing her hope in Jesus and asked Myra to pray for her husband’s change.

After hearing Myra’s prayer, Maghi was encouraged and began pleading with Jesus for her husband to change. Over time, miracles began to happen. Suvan had previously felt happy and relaxed after drinking, but now he felt uncomfortable. He tried drinking different kinds of alcohol but that didn’t help. Eventually, he disliked drinking altogether and completely stopped without anyone’s force!

Inspired by Suvan’s amazing life change, the entire family began seeking Jesus. They began attending church and learning new things about the Lord. Finally, when Maghi and Suvan understood the Gospel, they confessed their sins and received Jesus as their Savior. Their overflowing joy and peace were uncontainable.  

After professing their faith in Jesus, the couple faced challenges as their relatives and neighbors excommunicated them for months. Regardless, they stood firm in their decision to follow Jesus. Clinging to the verse Luke 1:37, “nothing is impossible to God,” they prayed for God’s intervention. Over time, things began to change, and people stopped interfering in their religious decisions.

Maghi and Suvan are grateful that God delivered them from their problems and blessed them with salvation. Pray that the family would continue to stand firm in their faith and would share the Gospel with their community.