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Blind, Alone, but Not Forgotten

Growing up, Munir hated Christians for no reason. When he saw pastors preaching in his village, he would beat them, tear their clothes, and stomp on their Bibles.

But at the age of 14, Munir’s life turned upside down. In the middle of the night, he suddenly became blind. He was miserable, frustrated, and alone—no one came alongside him during this difficult and unexpected experience. Munir was so distraught that he often hurt himself and desired to end his own life.

The chance for a breakthrough came many years later when a Christian named Shantah met Munir. He explained that 41-year-old Munir was a beloved child of God, who could be his happiness and peace. Shantah then invited Munir to join the local Adult Literacy Class he taught, specially tailored for students who were blind. All of this reframed Munir’s view of Christians. For the first time in years, he was filled with joy!

Munir joined the Literacy Class, where he learned more about Jesus while developing skills in reading, writing, and math. Plus, while singing songs about Jesus in the class, Munir developed a strong singing voice. This sparked an idea: He began to sing at festivals, weddings, and other events for income!

Changed by the Gospel and the loving Christian community he experienced in the Literacy Class, Munir ultimately received Jesus as his Savior. Compelled to minister to others, Munir started a prayer group in his neighborhood, where 80 people regularly gather!

Munir is grateful to you for bringing the Adult Literacy Class to his village. It has changed his life forever.