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A Defeated Woman Discovers True Confidence

Soraya’s life felt like a series of struggles and discouragements. She and her husband Bagira had two sons and lived with Bagira’s parents. Everything Soraya did was under her in-laws’ scrutiny, and if she didn’t meet their expectations, they would openly ridicule her. Soraya tried to brush off their hurtful words, but as the years passed, her confidence dwindled.

Then Bagira and Soraya found themselves in dire need financially. Between increases in rent, food prices, the cost of school, and medical bills for Bagira’s aging parents, they couldn’t make ends meet. Determined to help her family survive, Soraya started looking for work.

Soraya began working as a daily wage laborer, but she faced constant discrimination because she was not only a woman, but also illiterate. With every harsh word or rude interaction, Soraya’s already fragile self-confidence cracked a little bit more. Even at home, Soraya was mocked and judged by her in-laws for working outside the home, as it went against their traditional views.

Eventually, Soraya was weak, exhausted, and discouraged that she had no skills or education to better her situation. Yet Soraya knew her family needed her, so she resigned herself to a life of struggle.

But when Soraya noticed a group of women gathering nearby each day with chalkboards and books, she was curious. She met their teacher, Vakshu, and he invited her to join their Adult Literacy Class. Despite her exhaustion, she attended faithfully each day, determined to change her life. As she learned to read, write, and do basic math, her confidence began to return!

Soraya also participated in a special health education training, where she learned how to care for her health through proper rest, healthy foods, and basic hygiene. She put the principles into practice and soon she was stronger, had more energy, and was able to work harder, which increased her wages! That, combined with the money management skills she’d learned, allowed her to begin saving for the first time.

Best of all, through the Bible-based lessons, Soraya heard the Gospel and came to faith in Jesus! Now, Soraya stands firm and confident in the knowledge of who she is in Christ. Please pray that her husband, sons, and in-laws come to know Jesus through her example.