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A Miracle Melted Omeed’s Hard Heart

Omeed and his wife Shevanti were looking forward to spending their golden years in peace and rest. They had raised their three children on a soldier’s meager salary and nomadic lifestyle. Now, two of their children were married, and the third was not far behind.

But just when life should have been getting simpler, Shevanti was struck down by a mysterious illness that caused uncomfortable swelling and itching all over her body. To make matters worse, she also began suffering from evil spirits.

They visited the military hospital, but the doctors had neither answers nor a cure. Determined to relieve his wife of her suffering, Omeed then took Shevanti to multiple private hospitals. He spent a great portion of their hard-earned savings, but Shevanti did not get any better.

Years passed, Omeed finally retired, and the couple resettled in their hometown. Shevanti was used to the suffering at this point, both physical and spiritual. But her difficulties were obvious to anyone who spent time with her.

Bahja was one of those people: a neighbor who quickly became a close friend. One day, Bahja invited Shevanti to visit her church to receive prayer for healing. Shevanti shared the idea with Omeed, and he exploded with rage! He yelled angrily at her for considering a foreign God. Omeed forbade Shevanti from attending church or any prayer meeting, and Shevanti was so fearful of his wrath that she never brought up the idea again.

That is, until a Church Planter named Sidak was visiting believers in their neighborhood and met Shevanti outside her home. He began sharing with her about Jesus, and Shevanti listened attentively. But Omeed burst out of the house, aggressively demanding that Sidak leave. He even threatened to call the police!

Bahja overheard this great commotion and tried to calm Omeed down with a logical argument. She brought up how much money they had spent trying to cure Shevanti’s pain and suggested that there was no harm in letting Sidak pray for Shevanti.

Omeed looked at his wife, saw the pain in her eyes, and he softened, agreeing to the prayer. Sidak prayed for Shevanti in the name of Jesus, and her itching immediately ceased!

The couple was both astounded and overjoyed. They began attending Sidak’s worshipping group, and the miracles continued. Shevanti was delivered from the evil spirits, and her swelling also disappeared over time! Shevanti and Omeed both received salvation. Omeed is grateful to be a living testimony that Jesus’ love can change anyone!