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Finding Gratitude in Hardship

Do you remember when you first became a Christian? You likely felt excited and joyful, wanting to tell everyone about how Jesus changed your life. The same is true for new believers in India. Their desire is to share the Good News of Jesus with everyone they meet—no matter the cost.

A woman named Nadimah was equipped for ministry through our Church Planter Training program. Although sharing her faith is a risk, Church Planter Nadimah remains faithful to the mission God has given her.

One Sunday, Nadimah was hosting a prayer group in her home. Some relatives and community members visited her while the prayer group was meeting, and tensions arose when the visitors realized her gathering was focused on Jesus.

Some of the visitors grew openly angry that Nadimah was sharing her Christian beliefs. They created such a disruption that Nadimah was forced to conclude the prayer meeting.

Later, some of the visitors returned with even more members of the community. This time, the persecutors threatened to file a formal complaint against Nadimah. These circumstances have made it increasingly difficult for Nadimah to continue her ministry.

Although Nadimah has faced hardships, her bravery to stand firm in her faith reflects the life of Paul. Many times, in Scripture, we see Paul facing persecution but continuing to stand firm in his faith, like in Acts 16 when Paul and Silas are thrown into jail. They continue to praise God despite being in jail, singing songs and hymns. Then, an earthquake comes, and Paul ends up leading the jailer to salvation.

Even though Nadimah is experiencing persecution, she is following Paul’s example and continuing the work God has called her to. She is grateful for how God has impacted her life and how He is using her to share the Gospel, no matter what!

Our ministry partners, like Nadimah, are so thankful to Jesus that their gratitude allows them to endure trials like these.

How might gratitude help you overcome trials this season?

Pray |

  • Mission India stands with persecuted believers like Nadimah by empowering them to lean on their Christian community and the Word of God. Will you be the community Nadimah needs by praying for God’s protection over her?
  • Pray for other persecuted believers in India to stand firm in their faith despite the opposition they may face for sharing the Good News.
  • Pray that God would open doors for believers in India to share the Gospel with opposers of their faith.

Take Action |

  • Read Acts 16: 16-40, the story of Paul and Silas in jail. As you read this, think about how you might have responded if you were thrown into jail like Paul and Silas. Would your faith stand firm like theirs did?
  • Make a list of people or things you’re grateful for and refer back to it during times of hardship in your faith.
  • Give a gift toward Church Planter Training to equip more strong believers like Nadimah for ministry! Click here to give today.