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Delshad Leaves Old Life for Jesus

What do you do when you grow up in poverty, are forced to drop out of school to work, and follow animistic practices that do nothing to bring you peace or joy? For Delshad…he drank, took drugs, picked fights, and generally caused trouble wherever he went. Because that’s what twenty-something men do when they have no hope.

Plagued with constant discouragement and financial woes, Delshad eventually married Sabiya, and the two had a son. Being a new father began a new chapter in Delshad’s life and gave him a desire to change.

Delshad worked as a farmer and raised livestock. He also worked at a tea hotel whenever work was available. During this time, Church Planter Bandin began visiting families in Delshad’s village. When Bandin came to Delshad’s home, he shared the Gospel with them; however, Delshad was reluctant to listen to any discussions about Jesus.

Bandin continued to visit with Delshad, sharing with him the importance of receiving Jesus as his Savior. Eventually, Bandin’s words from the Bible struck home with Delshad, and he wanted to learn more. Delshad was touched by the Holy Spirit and convicted of his sins. Recognizing his deep need for forgiveness, Delshad cried out to the Lord for mercy, repenting and confessing his sins before God. He then embraced Jesus and received Him as his Savior.

Now a devoted follower of Jesus, Delshad left his past life behind and actively looks for ways to help others. He regularly attends church and is eager to share the Good News of Jesus with all those around him. Please pray for Delshad and his family, that God will continue to bless and protect them as they share the Gospel in their village.