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Punitha’s Journey from Student to Church Planter

Have you ever stopped to think about the ripple effect of your leadership? The way you lead raises up disciples who make disciples!

Punitha’s story is a great example of this. When Punitha was led to Jesus, she was so profoundly impacted that she wanted to share the Good News with others.

Growing up in a family of nine, Punitha never had the chance to go to school. Once she became a mother, she dreamed of providing her children with an education.

However, everything was turned upside down when her husband was diagnosed with tuberculosis. She sought her gods and spent all the money she could to find healing for him, but unfortunately, he passed away.

Grief was just one of the many struggles Punitha faced in the season of life that followed. In her village, widowhood was seen as shameful and the price for her past sins. Amidst the rejections she faced, Punitha had to figure out how to move on for the sake of her children.

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Fortunately, Punitha met Adult Literacy Class teacher Pakazi. Over the course of the year, Pakazi taught Punitha how to read, write, and do simple math. But the best part? When Pakazi shared the Gospel, Punitha realized Jesus loves everyone, including widows. She was greatly comforted, and when she understood God’s passionate love revealed through Jesus, she received salvation.

But Punitha’s story doesn’t end there. As she grew deeper in her relationship with the Lord, she became a Mission India Church Planter! 

Isn’t it amazing how the Holy Spirit used Pakiza to lead Punitha to a lifetime of ministry? In turn, Punitha will lead others to Christ.

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– Pray that Punitha will continue to lead people to Jesus through her ministry.

– Pray that the Holy Spirit would speak to you through prayer and fasting.

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