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Manya Finds Hope in a Hopeless Situation

Manya lives in a small, under-developed village with her husband and two teenage children. She and her husband are illiterate, so they work in agriculture, which is both physically taxing and financially meager.

At the end of each long day, Manya and her husband used to indulge in alcoholic beverages. One drink became two and two became three, until they formed a full-blown addiction. Their excessive drinking resulted in continuous arguments, making home an unpleasant place.

Simply put, home felt hopeless.

That is, until Church Planter Taqi paid a visit to the family. Taqi spent weeks growing a friendship with them, showing love without exception and grace without judgment. Eventually he was able to counsel them, explaining that their children looked to them as an example and would follow in their footsteps. Manya and her husband were stunned! They hadn’t considered the long-term impacts of their decisions. They didn’t want their children to struggle with addiction; they wanted to set a better example.

Motivated by this awakening, Manya gave up alcohol completely in just a matter of days! Her home finally became a place of peace and hospitality.

As Taqi continued to invest his time in the family, he began sharing the Gospel with them. This was the first time Manya had ever heard words like “sin” and “eternal life.” She listened with intrigue, knowing that her addictions had simply been a way to fill the void in her hopeless life. But now she knew the truth! Her once empty life could be filled with something that truly mattered. Or rather, Someone who mattered.

Manya received Jesus as her Lord and Savior! Her faith grew strong and as she gained fellowship with other believers. Meanwhile, her husband gave up his addiction to alcohol, too. God changed their lives because of the bold obedience of one Church Planter. Although Manya’s husband has yet to surrender his life to Christ, Taqi continues to be a godly witness. Will you pray for Manya’s husband to receive salvation, too?