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Church Construction Comes to a Halt

In a small village in the southern part of India, Church Planter Pravar and his church members have been hosting worship services in their private homes. The group of church members longed for a building to meet in, and fortunately, Pravar owned a piece of land on which they decided to construct a church building to host their weekly worship services.

But things took a turn in August when a local leader and other residents in the village started objecting to this new building, when construction started. Their claims stated that the area was for residential buildings only, forcing the construction of the church to come to a halt.

The disagreement between the villagers and the church members has garnered attention and has been featured in the local news. Unfortunately, the partially built church is now at risk of being demolished. While official statements blame zoning regulations, it now appears as though this opposition is actually a concerted effort by anti-Christian activists to keep the village as a “church-free” area.

Soon, Pravar and another church member will be testifying in hopes of gaining permission to continue the construction of their new church building. In light of these difficult circumstances, would you please pray for the local believers who are seeking to gather and worship together despite the opposition they are facing? Pray, also, that God would work through Church Planter Pravar as he speaks boldly on behalf of the Christians in the village.