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Salvation for a Gospel Opposer

When Sudiv’s older sister decided to follow Jesus, the family erupted. Sudiv’s parents threatened to cut her off from the family, and 25-year-old Sudiv followed their lead—criticizing his sister for bringing shame upon the family.

Yet Sudiv’s sister, Hadiyah, continued to follow Jesus. She even seemed to maintain a sense of peace through the turmoil.

Meanwhile, some of Sudiv’s friends spoke highly of Hadiyah’s courage and faith. Their response contradicted what Sudiv witnessed at home, which left him feeling conflicted.

One evening, his parents scolded Hadiyah for praying and reading the Bible. Sudiv couldn’t ignore his curiosity: Why wouldn’t Hadiyah deny Christ?

Sudiv started to ask Hadiyah about her faith. Intrigued by what she shared, Sudiv began reading the Bible and was deeply moved by the life and teachings of Jesus.

Sudiv changed immensely as he absorbed Scripture and spent time with local Christians. And one Sunday, while attending church with Hadiyah, he learned about eternal life through Christ. He finally understood why Hadiyah never wavered in her faith.

Just as Sudiv was becoming receptive to the Gospel message, you brought Church Planter Rohan into his life. Equipped for ministry through your gifts and prayers, Rohan discipled Sudiv—talking with him about life and encouraging him to pursue Christ. With Rohan’s guidance, Sudiv finally received Jesus as his Savior. Soon after, he was baptized!

This young man, who once called his sister’s faith “shameful,” now joins her in praying for the transformation of their parents.