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Mithil Finds Peace in Christ

For decades, Mithil had practiced the rituals and traditions of his animist faith. From his childhood, to parenthood, to being middle-aged, Mithil faithfully prayed and made animal sacrifices to the sun, moon, and other deities. He hoped to appease the gods he believed in and invoke blessing from them, but his life was the opposite of blessed.

Although Mithil worked hard as a daily wage laborer, he never earned enough for his family, and they struggled to make ends meet. Unfortunately, Mithil often coped by drinking with his peers after work, which only added to his problems.

Things got even worse when his wife Ganavi became sick with a mysterious illness. They had no money to travel outside of their remote village for Ganavi to receive treatment, so Mithil and his youngest daughter did their best to care for her at home. After several years, Ganavi passed away, and Mithil was left alone. He felt lost, hopeless, and completely without peace or purpose in his life.

In the midst of this grief, Mithil began questioning the value of his religious beliefs. After all, he had been faithful to his gods for decades, yet his life had been nothing but struggle and heartache. He began talking to his neighbor, Nakush, about these feelings. Nakush happened to be a Christian who was being trained as a Church Planter, so he shared his beliefs with Mithil.

At first, the Good News of Jesus sounded foreign to Mithil, and he held firm to his animist faith. But Nakush and Mithil continued meeting together regularly and often talked about their differing religious beliefs. Mithil was intrigued by this Jesus who supposedly loved everyone and freely sacrificed Himself for those who worship Him. This was incredible to Mithil! Gradually, he realized that Christianity offered hope for an eternal future, and this appealed to him logically.

However, Mithil’s curiosity did not turn into faith until one day when he and Nakush had a conversation about sin. Mithil felt convicted of the many mistakes and selfish decisions he had made in his life. He finally understood that he was a sinner in need of a Savior! Mithil received Christ that day! He rejected the animist faith completely and now attends a worshipping group each week, eagerly learning about the word of God. Pray with us for Mithil’s faith to be strengthened and for his roots to grow deep in God’s love.