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A Hungry Family Finds Hope

Mareesha used to work as a day laborer in the paddy fields while her husband worked as a mason. They have two adult sons, a daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren—who all live with them in their tiny concrete house.

Mareesha never learned how to read as a child, so her life seemed stuck in poverty. But Mareesha was a hard worker! Unfortunately, her employer didn’t schedule her for very many shifts, making it difficult for Mareesha to earn a livable wage.

As Mareesha was wondering what to do for long-term financial stability, a neighbor told her about an Adult Literacy Class launching in their village. This piqued Mareesha’s interest, so she went to learn more about the program from Leeza, the Adult Literacy teacher. Leeza explained all the benefits—how learning to read and write would provide Mareesha with new opportunities in life. Mareesha enrolled right then and there!

But shortly after the Literacy Class started, Mareesha’s village experienced a Covid-19 lockdown. Her family quickly ran out of food and found themselves trying to fill their bellies with water. They were starving, and Mareesha was sure they would die.

All hope seemed lost. Just then, our ministry partners began to distribute Relief Kits to the neighbors most in need, and Mareesha and her family were on that list. They received enough food and hygiene supplies to last them four weeks. Mareesha was filled with gratitude because her family got the resources they needed to survive!

The Literacy Class resumed meeting a few weeks later once Covid-19 cases had subsided in the area, and Mareesha continued to learn things that would change her life. During an entrepreneurship training offered through the Literacy Class, Mareesha was taught to make home goods like detergent, deodorant, jams, and candles. She learned to sell these goods for profit, which quickly became a thriving business that helped Mareesha’s family.

Mareesha used everything she learned to build a new life for her family. She eventually graduated from the Literacy Class and now attends a worshipping group, having learned about Jesus in the class! Mareesha has not received Jesus as her Savior, but her heart is willing to listen. Will you pray for the salvation of Mareesha and her family?