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A Life-Changing Friendship

Abhijita’s parents had raised her to strive for a better life. Her dad was a taxi driver and her mom worked as a maid, but their combined income wasn’t nearly enough to support their family of five. Somehow, they made sure all three children received an education, and Abhijita’s older brother was even attending college.

They worshipped several gods and goddesses, believing that their faithfulness would eventually bring them a better life. However, despite their devotion and belief in the divine, nothing changed in their lives. Abhijita continually hoped for a better future, but as she grew older, her hope began to fade.

Nonetheless, Abhijita did her best to focus and learn every day at school, even with her often-hungry belly. Life continued this way for a few years, until Abhijita was an older teenager. It was then that she met Uftama, a young college student who was also being trained as a Church Planter. The two young women had much in common, and they developed a friendship.

Uftama began sharing her faith with Abhijita, telling her about the hope she had found in Jesus Christ. When Abhijita listened to Uftama talk about Jesus, she felt the few remaining sparks of hope inside her grow into a flame. She began attending church and prayer groups with Uftama, and her faith increased. She even invited her sister to come along, and they began attending together.

Today, Abhijita’s faith is stronger than ever. She happily testifies to how Jesus restored her hope! Although her family still struggles financially, she stands firm in the knowledge that God loves her and has good plans for her. Praise God for using the joy of friendship to transform Abhijita’s life. Please pray that her parents and brother also come to the saving knowledge of Jesus.