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It’s Vedanta’s First Christmas!

We all know the power of words. Whether it’s encouragement from a coach, criticism from a boss, or indifference from a peer, you know what it means to be impacted by the words of another person. This is even more true when you’re a child.

Words impact a child’s self-esteem. Scripture reminds us of this! Proverbs 16:24 says, “Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” When gracious words are spoken over children, they bring healing and restoration, which are at the core of Christmas! In less than two weeks, we get to celebrate that Jesus was born heal and restore all people.

And that’s exactly what Vedanta learned about through kind words spoken to her in a Children’s Bible Club.

Vedanta was a rebellious girl who always had trouble focusing at school. In response, her parents and teachers scolded her with harsh words. Time and again, the consequences they gave only pushed Vedanta further away.

What a difficult situation!

Vedanta was tested again when her mother enrolled her in a Children’s Bible Club. Because she is a slow learner, Vedanta struggled to stay focused on the activities taking place. But the Bible Club leader kindly redirected her each time, and this won Vedanta’s trust. Over time, she felt comfortable and became obedient.

As Vedanta listened to the stories about Jesus, she wondered if He was the reason her Bible Club leader was so kind. She wondered if Jesus could love a child like her.

That’s all it took?

The kind words of one Christian adult was all it took for Vedanta to open her heart to God. Not only is she now a diligent student and polite child, but Vedanta also received salvation through Jesus Christ! Her entire life changed because one person spoke with kindness and grace, and now she is celebrating her first Christmas as a believer.

That might be all it takes for the people in your life, too. There’s a good chance you know children and adults who are bombarded by harsh and critical language. Your compassionate, Christ-centered words this Christmas could make all the difference!

You can share the kindness of Christ with kids in India like Vedanta, too—and right now, you’ll reach double the children with every dollar you give! Check out how in the Take Action section below.


  • Pray that your words will be “seasoned with salt” as the Apostle Paul writes in Colossians 4:6.
  • Ask God for opportunities to speak kindness and compassion to those in your life.


  • Share the kindness of Christ with India’s children by giving toward our Christmas Miracle Matching Challenge! This challenge means $1 given toward 10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs reaches two children, with gifts matched through December 31, up to $540,000! Click here to give a matched gift.