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Introducing People to Jesus vs. Discipling

Let’s talk about the awesome mission of introducing people to Jesus and growing their faith through discipleship. Gospel introduction and discipleship are both important, so as believers, how can we ensure we’re doing both of them well?

To lay some groundwork, introducing people to Jesus is all about spreading His love and sharing the Gospel with those who haven’t heard it yet. By engaging in conversation and understanding the needs of those we wish to reach, we can create meaningful connections that draw people closer to Jesus.

Meanwhile, discipleship is like a personalized training program for believers. As seasoned Christians, we can walk alongside a new believer, diving deep into the Bible, showing them the ropes, and helping them become more like Jesus in their daily lives. Year-Long Children’s Bible Clubs are a great example of this! Over the course of a year, children learn about the love of Jesus and how to follow Him from faithful believers in India.

Both introducing people to Jesus and discipling them are crucial.

So which one is closer to your heart as a leader? Are you more passionate about sharing Jesus with people who are lost, or discipling people who are young in their faith? Each one of us brings unique gifts to the table, and each has value!

By embracing both outreach and discipleship, the Great Commission can be fulfilled, and lives will be changed by the power of the Gospel.