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Evil Spirits, Restless Nights

“In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety.” – Psalm 4:8

Bahurja had been through so much in her life that it molded her into a pillar of strength for her family. The mother of seven children, she learned to take whatever life threw at her with stoic determination, from the daily toils of hard labor to her husband’s drunken abuse. Despite her struggles, she was proud to say she was a mother to four successfully married children, with the remaining three at home dedicated to their studies.

There came a day, however, when Bahurja’s unshakeable confidence came crumbling down.

As believers in mysticism, Bahurja and her family came to believe that evil spirits were affecting their home. She would hear unexplainable noises and movements in the night that struck fear in her entire family.

Bahurja did what any idol worshipper in her culture would do and sought help from traditional faith healers. These healers offered up animal sacrifices to the malevolent “spirits,” but to no avail. Bahurja and her family were still affected by these strange occurrences. They began to fear for their lives.  

Bahurja and her family were in this turmoil when they met Anjish, a Church Planter. He heard their story, and it became clear to him that they were under spiritual attack. Anjish shared with Bahurja the power and authority that Jesus has over evil spirits, death, and sickness.
Hearing this, Bahurja promptly asked, “Is it possible to drive away evil spirits through prayers?” Anjish assured her it was indeed possible. Immediately, she invited him into their home to pray. In the name of Jesus, Anjish prayed that the evil spirits would release their hold on Bahurja’s home. That night, for the first time in months, Bahurja and her family slept in peace.

Anjish continued to minister to Bahurja and her family in the days to come. The more they learned about the Gospel, the more they were attracted to the Christian faith. Clearly, the Jesus that Anjish served was as powerful as he claimed!

As Bahurja welcomed Jesus into her life, the positive changes she felt in her mind and spirit were palpable. She no longer had to struggle for strength when she felt so weak. She had the power of Christ to carry her! She could finally rest in His strength.

Bahurja and her family have since renounced their previous beliefs and received Jesus as Savior. Bahurja is so filled with the Holy Spirit that she has joyfully begun to share her faith with her neighbors! Pray that her faith and the faith of her family continues to grow.