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The Difference Maker Devotional

Where to Go When Your Cup Runs Dry

There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee to wake you up. Add in some morning reading and a casual walk, and your day is off to a good start!…

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Adult Literacy Classes

Sachina: Isolated and Hopeless No Longer

Sachina grew up in a mountainous region of deep, lush forests. Her small community was isolated from the outside world. They practiced many outdated beliefs, including child marriage and outlawing…

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The Difference Maker Devotional

You know that one friend?

You know that friend who’s always there for you, no matter what? Available to support you as soon as she finds out you’re in need? It’s life-changing to have a…

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Church Planter Training

Exhausted? Get refreshed here.

This week we’re excited to welcome a guest writer to the Difference Maker Devotional: Kori Trierweiler, Mission India’s Prayer Mobilizer! We hope you’re encouraged today as she shares some of…

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