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Adult Literacy Classes

Blind, Alone, but Not Forgotten

Growing up, Munir hated Christians for no reason. When he saw pastors preaching in his village, he would beat them, tear their clothes, and stomp on their Bibles. But at…

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Church Planter Training

Salvation for a Gospel Opposer

When Sudiv’s older sister decided to follow Jesus, the family erupted. Sudiv’s parents threatened to cut her off from the family, and 25-year-old Sudiv followed their lead—criticizing his sister for…

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Church Planter Training

Syon Leaves Idol Worship for Jesus

Syon always seemed to be the kid in trouble in his family. He had no respect for his parents or siblings and constantly sought after worldly pleasures with his friends.…

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Mithal: From Shy to Confident

Mithal and his sister long for their parents every day. A few years ago, their father passed away. Only a decade into marriage and unable to bear the responsibility of…

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