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Church Planter Training

Taulik: Freed from Disease and Addiction!

Taulik’s village practiced many superstitions, rituals, and customs as they worshipped many gods and nature. In Taulik’s tribe, alcoholism was a big problem, as was tobacco. The boys started drinking,…

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Church Planter Training

Baran Found Hope in a Valley of Despair

Baran and Kawthar lived a beautiful and simple life in their small village in eastern India. They both worked hard, and they acted wisely, living frugally and saving money for…

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Year-Long Children’s Bible Clubs

Jasneet: A Prodigal Son Finds God

As children grow into teenagers, they often begin to test the limits of their independence. That’s exactly what happened with Jasneet. Jasneet’s father traveled for work, which left his mother…

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Adult Literacy Classes

You’re Never Too Old to Change Your Life

Manjima faithfully followed her family’s gods, but underneath her religious devotion, she felt empty. Doubt crept in as she thought about her rituals and how useless they seemed, yet she…

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