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Church Planter Training

Saja Finds True Peace in Jesus

Saja grew up in a family that followed the traditions and rituals of their ancestors. As he grew up, got married, and had a family of his own, Saja felt…

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Year-Long Children’s Bible Clubs

Juni Finds Physical and Spiritual Healing

Juni leads a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club today, yet she recalls how skeptical she used to be of Christianity. Read her testimony to see what changed her perspective — and…

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Year-Long Children’s Bible Clubs

A Miracle for Manroop’s Mother

Manroop had a good life with two devoted parents and three siblings. Her father worked hard for the family and even earned enough money to build them a home. But…

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The Difference Maker Devotional

Children + the Gospel = THIS

In our last devotional together, we met a Difference Maker named Ani, who leads a Children’s Bible Club. We’re so grateful that Ani is empowering young boys and girls to…

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