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Mission India’s Foundation of Scripture

Equipping believers in India with the Word of God has been the heartbeat of Mission India from the very beginning. As some of you may remember, when John DeVries first founded Mission India, it was called Bibles for India! John’s heart was to bring Scripture to the people of India who had never heard of Jesus – and we still carry out that work today. Why? Because we know how important God’s Word is in our own lives—and we want unreached people in India to have access to it, too!

Our President & CEO, Todd VanEk, was impacted by Scripture at a young age. He shares, “Growing up, my parents instilled the importance of God’s Word in me. As a child, they would pay me 10 cents for every verse I memorized. While I was motivated by the money then, the practice of memorizing Scripture has carried me in life. God captured my heart then through what my parents were doing.”

Every day, God is capturing hearts as people in India hear the Gospel for the very first time. Each of our programs is built on a foundation of Scripture, and as people hear the Word of God, they are moved to salvation and a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Bibles are placed through each of our programs, equipping new believers with the hope and encouragement they need when they face opposition to their new faith. When they are mocked, outcast, or abused, they find solace in God’s Word – reminding them who and whose they are.

How will you encourage the people you encounter daily to lean into the truths we find in Scripture?