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Year-Long Children’s Bible Clubs

A Family’s Bleak Future Turned Bright

Mudita’s life turned upside down when her dad passed away due to COVID-19. In order to survive, Mudita and her brother Anup had to drop out of school and join…

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Church Planter Training

A Life-Changing Friendship

Abhijita’s parents had raised her to strive for a better life. Her dad was a taxi driver and her mom worked as a maid, but their combined income wasn’t nearly…

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Adult Literacy Classes

A Door Opened for Education

Phutika was born into a poor family that worked in agriculture. Every family member was uneducated because their village didn’t have any reputable schools. Unfortunately, commuting to a school in…

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Adult Literacy Classes

Supranya Experiences God’s Provision

Supranya lives in the hill country where most of the people are farmers. She grew up in a village where many followed Jesus but her family was atheist. She never…

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