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10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs

Panavi’s Life Changed Suddenly!

Her responsibilities were heavy for a 13-year-old. She looked after her family’s goats, sheep, and cows, and also foraged in the nearby forest for fruit they could sell or eat.…

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Adult Literacy Classes

God is With Us Always!

Her whole world was changed after attending an Adult Literacy Class. Yara now knows she is not alone — she has a mighty God who will journey with her for…

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Church Planter Training

Dhairya and Wife Reconnect with Jesus!

Growing up, Dhairya’s family had knowledge of Jesus, but they chose to follow the religion of their culture. Wanting to fit in with his friends, Dhairya walked on pilgrimages, sacrificed…

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Church Planter Training

Blind Man Sees God in Daily Life

Pakshin was born a healthy baby boy; however, he lost his eyesight when he was just five years old after going to the river to bathe. His parents loved Pakshin…

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