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The Videos

Check out a breakdown of each chapter of the report to get a quick glimpse of the key aspects!

Chapter 1

Whether they know it or not, pastors are often disconnected from churchgoers when it comes to their perspectives on missions.

Chapter 2

If our goal is to help people grasp and fulfill the meaning of the Great Commission, we must first answer the question, “why?

Chapter 3

What’s the “right” way to do missions? Is the Church being smart and effective? Pastors and U.S. Christians have differing views.

Chapter 4

Finances can be a touchy subject—but if our treasure is where our heart is, we need a pulse check when it comes to our giving priorities.

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Gather with us in person at an upcoming event near you! In community with fellow church leaders, you’ll learn how to take findings from The Great Disconnect and take action in your own church. This is also a chance to ask questions and gain further insight into the current state of global missions as perceived by the U.S. Church.


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