Reclaim the heart of the Great Commission in your church through The Great Disconnect!

What is the Great Disconnect?

The Great Disconnect uncovers data showing that inaccurate assumptions and shocking biblical illiteracy are running rampant among U.S. Christians. We want to help you close that gap and reinvigorate your church’s heart for the Great Commission! As a church leader, you have a great opportunity to help your church pursue missions work that is efficient, effective, and sustainable.

When the pandemic began, Americans abroad—missionaries included—scrambled to get home. Meanwhile, flights were being cancelled and national lockdowns were announced, forcing missions trips to be delayed or even cancelled.

COVID-19 or otherwise, there will always be disruptions that impact international missions work. Is your church using a missions strategy that will allow your efforts to continue?

Explore sustainable missions models with us in The Great Disconnect.

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