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What Missions Work is Most Important?

The needs of our world seem to be endless. There is always someone we can help or a need we want to meet that’s close to our heart. While these are wonderful opportunities to be like Jesus, is it possible that believers are getting so caught up in addressing these issues that they forget to proclaim the Gospel along the way?

Check out the following 2-minute video to see what The Great Disconnect report has to say.

U.S. Christians’ focus on meeting physical needs over spiritual needs is tied to Barna Group’s findings in Chapter 1 of The Great Disconnect. If you missed it, check out details on Chapter 1 of the report here.

So how do we take a step in the right direction based on these findings? If we are Great Commission-minded believers who have a voice within our churches, can we encourage our leadership to pursue missions efforts that both demonstrate and proclaim the love of Christ?

If you are a church leader, we invite you to join us for a roundtable discussion near you, where we’ll brainstorm this report together and make plans to move forward. Click here to find an event near you.

If you don’t see a roundtable discussion in your area, contact David, Director of Church Engagement at Mission India, to talk about hosting one at your church!

Don’t forget: The research we’re seeing is all an opportunity! Chapter 2 of The Great Disconnect also shows us that more than half of Christians say supporting missions makes them feel proud to be a Christian. Let’s get the body of Christ unified and make a Great Commission impact together!